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Cycling Across Down Under for a Great Cause

The SKIN STRONG team is not only making sure Australian athletes are SLIK’d, SLATHER’d, & DUST’d, they’re supporting a great cause!     SKIN STRONG Australia Team: Nick, Heather, Beatrice, & Georgina In less than 2 months, 3 ordinary but crazy men will be cycling across Australia. From western to eastern most points, crossing 4 […]

Big Box of Schwag has been won!

The winner of our favorite retailer contest came down 1 vote.  Here are just a few of the many awesome entries: Winner: Tribe Multisport – Scottsdale Arizona “Tribe is more than just a store to me — they are family. It’s a community. I buy my supplies there, I come in for workshops and vendor […]

Prepare to Live – Part 2

We all want to be more balanced.  That is what GPP is all about!  Being balanced physically can help us be stronger and faster endurance athletes without the injuries. Being balanced in all areas of our lives, not just the physical, is just as important.  That is the philosophy of GPP.  That balance is just […]

5 things to think about this Summer

Summer is here, and you know what that means… more chaffing, blisters, and sun burns. Last night SKIN STRONG participated in a #WellnessChat with Sarah Stanley, and we wanted to share some of the most interesting points that came out of it. 1. Both dry air and dry skin can cause chaffing, stay hydrated by […]

5 Winter Training Tips

Winter is a great time to reflect on your abilities and past performances.  It is also a great time to find weaknesses and try to eliminate them. This will help you have the best 2013 season! What if my weakness is SWIMMING? Work on your technique. If your technique improves and you become more efficient, you […]

Lauren Goss’ Pay Attention to Detail

Pay Attention to Detail—10 things that have helped me this season Swim with a group– swimming with a group keeps you from getting bored and from letting the mind wander. It is good to have a group of positive people to push you during swim workouts so that you can reach your maximum potential. Make […]

Fueled By Faith- Brad Seng

  Having raced 19 Ironmans and numerous sprint, Olympic distance, and half Ironman events I have witnessed a full spectrum of emotions, attitudes, and performances by athletes of all abilities and ages.  From the first timers to the seasoned professionals I have seen incredible feats of athleticism and perseverance.  What inspires and motivates us to […]

5 Creative Gift Ideas for the Triathlete, Runner, &/or Cycling Dad

We asked athletes to send us their most creative gift ideas for the triathlete, runner, &/or cyclist for Father’s Day.   Here are the top 5 most creative gift ideas 5) Pay Dad’s entry fee for a race Does the athlete Dad in your life have a dream race? How about a race that he loved […]

Cycling doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt for women!

Spending a lot of time on the bike has been known to be uncomfortable!  Sometimes, it can go beyond uncomfortable to numb.  What can you do if you experience that problem? Yale researchers have studied numbness in female cyclists.  Forty-eight women, who constantly rode a minimum of 10 miles a week, took part in the […]