Cycling + Racing + Relationships = Time Trial (TT)

Guest Post from our good friend Lincoln Murdoch

All of us know what it’s like to train on our own.  You head out and try to push yourself, but don’t really, at least not as hard as maybe you should or could.  And, we all know what it’s like to workout with a group of friends and it turns into more of a social event than a real workout.

Enter…the “Time Trial.”  There is just something about someone saying “3,” “2,” “1,” “GO!”  The clock starts and you take off…with others. Riders are ahead of you and, coming behind you. Many are your friends or acquaintances.  You warm up together, congratulate each other on races the previous weekend, talk a little smack just for fun, and then, every 45 seconds, someone takes off.  Yes, it’s you against the clock, but it’s also very motivating to know people are trying to pass you and you are trying to pass those who went before you did. We actually help each other go faster!

This is the beauty of the Skin Strong Cycling Time Trial held in west Omaha most Monday evenings from April – August. We started this a couple of years ago. 11. 7 mile, out and back course.  One week, only one showed up. The most we’ve had is 14. We’ve gotten to know one another and appreciate the various ability levels represented from beginners (and even a mountain bike once), to $5K time trial / triathlon speed machines.

The “winner” is the one who improves the most from the week before, not the fastest. We record everyone’s time each week and then we all try to improve the next week. We asked Skin Strong if they would sponsor this event and so they sent us some great products to use as our awards. Skin Strong products are of the highest quality and make us athletes way more comfortable!  Momentum is growing for the weekly time trials and we now have a Facebook page – “Skin Strong Cycling TT”  Check it out!

Are you part of a TT group?  Share your experience with us!


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  1. Tim Fullmer says:

    Glad I found you guys. I have been looking for a time trial since coming back to Omaha. I will be there Monday night . Tim

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