4 Creative Gifts for Runner & Triathlete Moms

Is the Mom in your life a runner or triathlete?

Are you wondering what to give her this Mother’s Day that she will love?

This year get creative with these ideas given from runner and triathlete Moms!




Most Mom’s will tell you that when they spend time doing something for themselves they feel guilty.  There’s always something that needs to be done; laundry, grocery shopping, cooking….. Send Mom out for a long run or ride and do some of those jobs for her while she’s out.

Creative Bouquet:

A bouquet of flowers running socks.  Add a bottle of SKIN STRONG DUST and a coupon for a foot rub or gift certificate for a pedicure.  SLATHER is a cooling and moisturizing treat too.  Happy feet = happy Mom!

Healthy Fuel:

Fuel her training with The Feed Zone Portables and Skratch Hydration.  Make it special for her by making some portables and have them wrapped.  Wrap it up with a way for her to carry it all with Nathan Sports.



Gather her race photos, race bibs, and memorabilia and create a scrapbook.

Photo courtesy of RunningDivaMom

Make this Mother’s Day the most special one yet!

Share your creative gift ideas with us, comment below!