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4 Creative Gifts for Runner & Triathlete Moms

Is the Mom in your life a runner or triathlete? Are you wondering what to give her this Mother’s Day that she will love? This year get creative with these ideas given from runner and triathlete Moms!     Time: Most Mom’s will tell you that when they spend time doing something for themselves they […]

Thankful for Your Favorite Running, Cycling, or Triathlon store?

SKIN STRONG is fortunate to have incredible retail partners!  They are so much more than stores – they are communities.  We’ve seen weekly runs/rides and fun events turn into mini family reunions!  There are few “communities” like the running, cycling, and triathlon communities that are family friendly. Fit2Run, like many of our retailers, has weekly […]

Kona 2013 Highlights – Part 1

Trying to sum up the week at the Ironman World Championships into a post is difficult.  How can you possibly do justice to the atmosphere of an island taken over by amazing athletes,  numerous fun events, a triathlete’s shopping paradise, best of all, the incredibly inspiring stories we heard from the athletes?  That’s a challenge […]

Prepare to Live – Part 2

We all want to be more balanced.  That is what GPP is all about!  Being balanced physically can help us be stronger and faster endurance athletes without the injuries. Being balanced in all areas of our lives, not just the physical, is just as important.  That is the philosophy of GPP.  That balance is just […]

Prepare to Live Life – Part One

We’ve started something new, and we’re pretty excited about it.  Not only is this going to make us stronger, it’s going to help us become more balanced.  Finally, a season with no injuries!  The best part – it’s not just great for us, it’s great for all endurance atheletes! Maybe that’s why their tagline is […]

5 things to think about this Summer

Summer is here, and you know what that means… more chaffing, blisters, and sun burns. Last night SKIN STRONG participated in a #WellnessChat with Sarah Stanley, and we wanted to share some of the most interesting points that came out of it. 1. Both dry air and dry skin can cause chaffing, stay hydrated by […]

Prehab or Rehab?

Bob Seebohar, a friend of SKIN STRONG, recently posted something very interesting to facebook. “Athletes are funny, aren’t they? They refuse to do a few minutes of prehabilitation exercise (specifically for the hips, deep abdominals and shoulder girdle…not to mention overall flexibility) each day because they don’t have time. But when an injury presents itself […]

OKC Marathon Honors Boston Bombings

  The Boston Marathon bombings shocked the world on Monday. The bombings injured many, and sadly killed several people. The team at Skin Strong sends out our thoughts and prayers to those affected by the tragedy. Officials and participants from the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon have decided to honor the Boston bombing victims at this […]

International Pillow Fight Day…. a core workout?

  Tomorrow people from around the world are grabbing their pillows and heading out the door to celebrate International Pillow Fight day. Some of these ” Pillow Parties” are in the form of a flash mob, and some “Pillow Parties” are in the form of a scheduled fun day for kids.    (Courtesy of Through.Canalblog.com) […]