Prepare to Live Life – Part One

We’ve started something new, and we’re pretty excited about it.  Not only is this going to make us stronger, it’s going to help us become more balanced.  Finally, a season with no injuries!  The best part – it’s not just great for us, it’s great for all endurance atheletes! Maybe that’s why their tagline is “Prepare to Live Life”

This thing we’re so excited about is GPP!

What is GPP? Kevin Whaley from GPPfit NWA  answers that.

What is the difference between GPP and Crossfit for triathletes and runners?  Mark Mohler, from GPPfit NWA explains the difference.


In Part 2, we’ll find out more about the balance aspect of GPP, how kids are getting involved, and get a tour of a top notch GPP facility.

Have a GPP story? Share it with us!

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