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PR With Your Family! 5 Tips for Triathletes

Triathlon season is in full swing!  Most of you feel like this: Picture from Nautica Malibu Triathlon Is your family as excited about triathlon season as you are?  It is possible to have a happy spouse and family at the end of triathlon season this year!  Lincoln Murdoch agrees!  Not only has Lincoln been an […]

4 Creative Gifts for Runner & Triathlete Moms

Is the Mom in your life a runner or triathlete? Are you wondering what to give her this Mother’s Day that she will love? This year get creative with these ideas given from runner and triathlete Moms!     Time: Most Mom’s will tell you that when they spend time doing something for themselves they […]

Discover Mental Well-Being – The #STRONG2014 Way

For some athletes, training and racing is about so much more than fitness and competition.  For some, the mental and emotional benefits (focused and less stressed), are great motivators for training and racing and those benefits carry over into all aspects of their lives! These #STRONG2014 athletes describe this well! Dan Complete my first 70.3 […]

Triathlete and Family Men! They’re #STRONG2014!

There may be a few triathletes out there who can manage to do the training they need without a plan or structure, we haven’t met any of those! If you have a family and a job, adding training for a triathlon means a structured plan and patient family (and a plan B when life gets […]

Surprising Cause of Injury for Runners & Triathletes – #STRONG2014

We don’t make a habit of featuring the SKIN STRONG team in our blog but this week something happened that needs to be shared.  We hope we can help prevent an injury that could sideline your season!   Chandi Owen (SKIN STRONG Co-founder & President)   In 2014 I will….. Do whatever needs to be […]

The Balancing Act: #STRONG2014 Spotlight

Work, family, your fitness goals….  Does trying to maintain balance feel like this? Most of us can answer YES!    Stefanie Swanger joined #STRONG2014 with the goal to keep it all in balance.    In 2014 I will…..   Find my identity as an endurance athlete while balancing time for family (something that was lacking in 2013 […]

Giving To The Next Generation of Triathletes and Runners

Giving is our theme for this month.  Triathletes and runners are, without a doubt, some of the most giving people you’ll meet.  Is it because that’s their nature or is it because they know they are blessed with health and ability to do what they do and seek out ways to bless others. We found […]

She is Thankful and Creative!!

CONGRATULATIONS to KAREN SEAL! She is the winner of our Mystery Bag of Schwag! Karen is thankful for her husband: “As a thank you for following me from one coast to the next for runDisney races this past year, I surprised my husband with a weekend trip to Florida to spend time with his best […]

Thankful for Your Favorite Running, Cycling, or Triathlon store?

SKIN STRONG is fortunate to have incredible retail partners!  They are so much more than stores – they are communities.  We’ve seen weekly runs/rides and fun events turn into mini family reunions!  There are few “communities” like the running, cycling, and triathlon communities that are family friendly. Fit2Run, like many of our retailers, has weekly […]

A Pease of IROMAN History: Kyle and Brent Pease

The recent youtube video featuring Kyle and Brent Pease was created to the tune of “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.” There may not be a tune ever written more fitting to summarize the real-life relationship of athletes, Brent and Kyle Pease. For those who have never heard of the Pease Brothers, Brent and Kyle are brothers […]