Surprising Cause of Injury for Runners & Triathletes – #STRONG2014

We don’t make a habit of featuring the SKIN STRONG team in our blog but this week something happened that needs to be shared.  We hope we can help prevent an injury that could sideline your season!



Chandi Owen

(SKIN STRONG Co-founder & President)

  •   I
    Do whatever needs to be done to fix my upper hamstring tendonitis!
    Running and triathlon are part of our lives as a business and family which I have been missing for most of the year.






When I say my injury has been a pain in the butt – it’s literal!  Last April, I finally realized that stretching, rolling, icing, etc. weren’t fixing the pain I was having in my sit bone area.  Running hurt. Cycling hurt. Sitting for long periods hurt.  ART (Active Release Technique) provided a lot of relief but the pain would come back once I started back running.  My Orthopedic doctor suspected, and later after an MRI, told me it was Proximal Hamstring Tendonitis.

I spent months doing the exercises to strengthen my core, stopped running, used a foam roller and a portable tens unit.  I even got a cortisone shot (against my better judgment).  I found some great resources from runners which gave me encouragement.  It was not improving and seemed to get worse.

On a complete whim, I researched all the side effects from the medicines I have taken in the last year and was shocked to find that an antibiotic I had taken many times for a reoccurring sinus infection had many warnings for tendon problems and tendon ruptures!   I did not read all the side-effects when I got the medicine as I should have.  Looking back through the dates I was using the medicine and the timing of the worsening of my injury was eye opening.  I will be more diligent in researching medicines from now on as well as look for natural alternatives.

I highly encourage every runner and triathlete to

  • Research the side effects of medicines before you take them.
  • Talk to your doctor about an alternative medicine with less side effects
  • If there is no way to avoid taking a medicine that can cause joint, muscle, or tendon problems, talk to your doctor and/or pharmacist about how long you should avoid training.

I will do whatever it takes to be back running and cycling and be #STRONG2014  (This is one time that my stubbornness will benefit me).

See you out on the road!

Share your experiences of injury with us!