SLIK: Anti Chafing Spray


SLIK Anti-Friction and Anti-Chafe Skin Lube Eliminates Chafing. More Effective and Hygienic Than Anti-Chafe Sticks. Unbeatable Long Lasting Protection for Thigh Chafing, Wetsuit Chafing, Sports Bra Chafing, And Much More!

Friction and anti chafing cream protection in a convenient spray formula. Simply spray on without getting cream on your hands.

  • Non-greasy and non-staining                                  
  • Fresh signature scent

Just a few great uses for SLIK:

  • Prevent chafing on inner thighs and under arms
  • Prevent chafing under heart rate monitors, under sports bras, and clothing seams
  • For use under wetsuits for anti chafing, chafing prevention and quick removal
  • Spray on feet for quick transitions in short distance triathlons