Triathlete and Family Men! They’re #STRONG2014!

There may be a few triathletes out there who can manage to do the training they need without a plan or structure, we haven’t met any of those!

If you have a family and a job, adding training for a triathlon means a structured plan and patient family (and a plan B when life gets in the way)! These 2 dads did an amazing job with that during #STRONG2014 – with the support of their families!


Complete a sub 11:30 Ironman

How did your #STRONG2014 go?

In past 6 weeks I have logged 8.25 hours swimming, 21.5 hours biking on the trainer, 15 hours running on the treadmill, and 5 hours strength training in the gym.  I also attended 15 Squirt hockey games with my son and 12 hockey practices, 10 Learn to Skate sessions with my daughter and 6 ballet lessons, and attended 5 evening events for my job beyond my regular full-time work hours.  Not to mention I also have a 2 year old (beyond the 2 kids mentioned above).

Thank goodness for a dedicated and capable coach to keep me paced and moving forward.  Most of all thank goodness for my wife who not only takes care of my 3 kids but encourages and supports me as I balance home, work, and training.  The past 6 weeks was nothing, the snow is melting in CT now, just wait to see what I do in the next 6!


Complete my second 70.3 and begin training for my first full Ironman event. Running at least 3 half marathons and one full. I want to break 6 hours on my 70.3, and go below 3:45 on my full marathon. I hope to bust my PR of 1:39 on one of those half marathons.

How did your #STRONG2014 go?

As sometimes does, life gets in the way of training, 4 children and other personal issues have had me juggle my schedules at times. I have however, had some successful training workouts! Ran a 5:26 mile, my fastest!  Biked my farthest 67.22 miles. Averaging over 25 mph on my long bike training sessions. I have a injury that I sustained at the end of last year on my hamstring which has begun to act up again. I have been very careful in not to overdo it and listen to my body (within reason) . Its tough when aerobically I feel amazing, however the limitations of my body prevent me from going to my fastest. I am keeping a very positive attitude towards it all, very happy with my training and hope to continue as my first races of 2014 begin in the next month.

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