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PR With Your Family! 5 Tips for Triathletes

Triathlon season is in full swing!  Most of you feel like this: Picture from Nautica Malibu Triathlon Is your family as excited about triathlon season as you are?  It is possible to have a happy spouse and family at the end of triathlon season this year!  Lincoln Murdoch agrees!  Not only has Lincoln been an […]

Triathlete and Family Men! They’re #STRONG2014!

There may be a few triathletes out there who can manage to do the training they need without a plan or structure, we haven’t met any of those! If you have a family and a job, adding training for a triathlon means a structured plan and patient family (and a plan B when life gets […]

Big Box of Schwag has been won!

The winner of our favorite retailer contest came down 1 vote.  Here are just a few of the many awesome entries: Winner: Tribe Multisport – Scottsdale Arizona “Tribe is more than just a store to me — they are family. It’s a community. I buy my supplies there, I come in for workshops and vendor […]

Kona 2013 Highlights – Part 2

The 16th annual Underpants Run isn’t just a chance to poke fun at the athletes who think speedos are appropriate everyday attire or an excuse to run through town in underwear; The Underpants run has raised over $100,000 for local charities! You never know who you will meet at the SKIN STRONG booth! We were […]

Kona 2013 Highlights – Part 1

Trying to sum up the week at the Ironman World Championships into a post is difficult.  How can you possibly do justice to the atmosphere of an island taken over by amazing athletes,  numerous fun events, a triathlete’s shopping paradise, best of all, the incredibly inspiring stories we heard from the athletes?  That’s a challenge […]

Have a Triathlon Coach? Why you should!

Guest post from Pro Triathlete/Ultra runner & coach Brad Seng Perhaps you are winding down your race season and considering a coach for 2014.  There are numerous benefits to working with a coach even when done remotely. With over ten years experience in multisport, I have developed a working understanding of training principles and how […]

Prehab or Rehab?

Bob Seebohar, a friend of SKIN STRONG, recently posted something very interesting to facebook. “Athletes are funny, aren’t they? They refuse to do a few minutes of prehabilitation exercise (specifically for the hips, deep abdominals and shoulder girdle…not to mention overall flexibility) each day because they don’t have time. But when an injury presents itself […]

Bike Bentonville and SRTS

Bike Bentonville’s mission statement is to “provide leadership and technical resources for community-driven health and fitness initiatives”,  according to their website WWW.BikeBentonville.com. One of the more recent initiatives Bike Bentonville has taken, is the Safe Rout to School or SRTS. According to the Bike Bentonville website, under the SRTS tab, this initiative is based on […]

Tips from Triathlon Legend

Sometimes in life you are fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.  Our small little area of Northwest Arkansas has some outstanding talent in the triathlon and running world.  One of those very talented athlete and coach is Alan Ley. Never heard of Alan? Check out this link.  Alan’s passion for […]