Big Box of Schwag has been won!

The winner of our favorite retailer contest came down 1 vote.  Here are just a few of the many awesome entries:

Winner: Tribe Multisport – Scottsdale Arizona

Tribe is more than just a store to me — they are family. It’s a community. I buy my supplies there, I come in for workshops and vendor events, I run with them, I ride with them … Sometimes I just go to the store to hang out. We ride to races together. They are out supporting races. They make a novice athlete like me feel as important as the pros. Love my Tribe”

“They have become my family. They are so supportive of all triathletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers who walk through their door. They are all all the events providing support, food and fun. I know I can count on them for ANYTHING!!! I love my Tribe!!!! I wouldn’t be where I am without them!!!!”


2nd Place: Rush Running Bentonville & Fayetteville Arkansas:

“Customer service is unparalleled! Community involvement, product knowledge and friendliness are outstanding”

“They are SO helpful! Never pressure you to buy stuff-just offer advice and options. Don’t act like “running snobs” to those of us with less talent or experience!”
“Rush Running has everything a runner or triathlete needs including Skin Strong’s full line of products. Drew, Mike and the whole team are knowledgeable and eager to help their customers no matter how experienced or new they are to endurance sports”

3rd Place Kompetitive Edge – Denver Colorado

“They care about unique solutions for the individual athlete.”
“They always have plenty of product!!! Especially at the last minute when I am leaving for a race. Love me some SKIN STRONG!!!!”
“Kompetitive Edge rocks!
We are thankful for our awesome retail partners!