Have a Triathlon Coach? Why you should!

Guest post from Pro Triathlete/Ultra runner & coach Brad Seng


Perhaps you are winding down your race season and considering a coach for 2014.  There are numerous benefits to working with a coach even when done remotely.

With over ten years experience in multisport, I have developed a working understanding of training principles and how to maximize one’s ability.

Pillars for success as an endurance athlete are

  • Consistency with training, proper recovery
  • Being mentally strong and enjoying the experience

Prior to racing at the professional level,  I competed as a competitive age-grouper and understand the demands of balancing training with life.  In partnering with me you can expect to be challenged in a healthy, well-structured plan in your pursuit of excellence.

In addition to the physical aspect of your training I will assist you in formulating a sound nutrition plan for training & racing as well as addressing the psychological components to include goal setting and specific strategies to help you be your best.  I use the Training Peaks software program to communicate daily training sessions to athletes which allows them to provide feedback on key sessions.  This program is extremely effective in fostering an athlete-coach relationship when working with athletes remotely from different parts of the country.  Communication is key and I always set weekly phone/Skype consults with unlimited emails, phone calls, etc. to address any questions within the training plan.

Here is an example of a run workout for one of my current athletes:

Track Session:  Ovett 300s

WU well for 2 miles. Include 4x50m strides at end of warm-up.

MS: 4x(300 hard at 5k pace/100 easy jog/300 hard at 5k pace/500 easy jog) Take 1′ break between complete blocks.

CD: easy as needed

If you are considering a coach to help guide you in 2014 I welcome the opportunity to propel you to your goals with a limited number of slots still available.  Please email me directly at [email protected] with any questions or visit my website at www.bradseng.com to learn more and read a few athlete testimonies.


In Good Health,