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Have a Triathlon Coach? Why you should!

Guest post from Pro Triathlete/Ultra runner & coach Brad Seng Perhaps you are winding down your race season and considering a coach for 2014.  There are numerous benefits to working with a coach even when done remotely. With over ten years experience in multisport, I have developed a working understanding of training principles and how […]

Prepare to Live Life – Part One

We’ve started something new, and we’re pretty excited about it.  Not only is this going to make us stronger, it’s going to help us become more balanced.  Finally, a season with no injuries!  The best part – it’s not just great for us, it’s great for all endurance atheletes! Maybe that’s why their tagline is […]

Prehab or Rehab?

Bob Seebohar, a friend of SKIN STRONG, recently posted something very interesting to facebook. “Athletes are funny, aren’t they? They refuse to do a few minutes of prehabilitation exercise (specifically for the hips, deep abdominals and shoulder girdle…not to mention overall flexibility) each day because they don’t have time. But when an injury presents itself […]

5 Winter Training Tips

Winter is a great time to reflect on your abilities and past performances.  It is also a great time to find weaknesses and try to eliminate them. This will help you have the best 2013 season! What if my weakness is SWIMMING? Work on your technique. If your technique improves and you become more efficient, you […]