Off Season Training

My name is David Garza and I am very blessed to live and train in Austin, TX. I am a husband, father, personal trainer and triathlete.








I have completed 5 Ironman distance races and will start training for my 6th Ironman race starting in November. In 2010 I was voted by Austin Fit Magazine as Austin’s Best Triathlete, and in 2011 I was voted Austin’s Best Indoor Cycling Instructor. I have been asked by my favorite company Skin Strong to offer up some cycling tips for your off season.

My best tip for you is in the off season is to try something new or switch things up. Now is the time to try that cross fit class you have wanted to try. Take that boot camp that your friend has invited you too, or that group class you have been eyeing.  Dare I say it, try some yoga or  a local spinning class. These are all great ways to increase your cadence and meet some other athletes as well. Ask around and see if someone can recommend a certain instructor they like to take classes from.

Second tip, add some strength training to your regime. Adding some functional training to your workout can increase your core strength along with your overall conditioning. By adding unstable surfaces to train on (like doing a squat on a bosu) you will activate your stabilizers that may have been overlooked during your racing season. Strengthening these muscles will ensure a great start to your training when it ramps up in the spring.

Third tip, GET OFF THE ROAD! If you have the ability to get in some mountain biking, to work on your technical skills on the bike, do it! Not only is it a great workout, but a change of scenery and pace that will keep you motivated over the off season.

Fourth tip, do some much needed maintenance. Give some love back to the bike that has helped get you through another year of racing! If you’re just starting out training, maintenance is a great way to keep your bike in tip top shape. Take it to your local bike shop and schedule your yearly tune up. This will pay off in the long run.

Fifth tip, try some high intensity bike workouts. These will keep your workouts short and keep you fit throughout your off season. Here are some of my favorite high intensity workouts: First make sure to always have a good warm up. Work out one: while wearing heavy gear or weights, power climb out of the saddle up hill for 30-45 sec,  then lighten the tension and hold a high cadence for 1 min, do 4-5 rounds. Work our two: hold a high cadence for 2 min, recover, while wearing heavy gear, out of the saddle for 30 sec, do this 3-4 rounds. Work out three: if you’re on your trainer, after a warm up, hold cadence around 80-90 rpm, add some gear and hold that same cadence for 2 min, then 3 min, and then 4 min; Work your way back down till your holding cadence for 1 min; To recover take off gear and hold same cadence for 1 min.

My last tip, certainly not the least, is to stock up on your training gear! Most bike/tri shops will have a end of year sale, take full advantage of this for your next year’s training!

Good luck in your off season training and congrats on your first or another year of racing. See you at the races!

If you have any questions you can email me at: [email protected]