Prehab or Rehab?

Bob Seebohar, a friend of SKIN STRONG, recently posted something very interesting to facebook.

“Athletes are funny, aren’t they? They refuse to do a few minutes of prehabilitation exercise (specifically for the hips, deep abdominals and shoulder girdle…not to mention overall flexibility) each day because they don’t have time. But when an injury presents itself they not only wonder why they got injured but also now make time to do the exercises…mostly because that is all they can do.

Funny and sad. Daily prehab exercises can go a long way in injury prevention.”

Bob makes such a good point!  How many of us don’t have the time to fit in these important exercises into our training plan and then wonder why we get injured?  I have a feeling there are a lot of athletes reading this right now with a guilty grin on their face!

Bob has a ridiculous amount of experience to back up this e-book!  Why not give it a try and enjoy an injury free year?



Bob Seebohare is a Board Certified Specialist and former Director of Sports Nutrition at the University of Florida. He has also been a dietitian to the US Olympic team, and the US Olympic Triathlon team. Bob is an Ironman, has completed the Boston Marathon, and is a Leadman (he has completed all 6 of the Leadville Endurance events in 7 weeks). His blog Fuel4mance has made waves in the athletic community with great wisdom and information for athletes; including nutrition services, and performance testing.

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