Kona 2013 Highlights – Part 2

  • The 16th annual Underpants Run isn’t just a chance to poke fun at the athletes who think speedos are appropriate everyday attire or an excuse to run through town in underwear; The Underpants run has raised over $100,000 for local charities!

  • You never know who you will meet at the SKIN STRONG booth! We were so fortunate to have so many inspirational athletes at our booth!


Karlyn Pipes Nelson has set over 200 world’s master swim records and has so much passion for the sport!  If you want to have a better swim, you should check out her website!





Judy Collins, along with her husband John, had the great idea that became Ironman.  It was an honor to meet Judy, John, and their son who was racing.  She came to the SKIN STRONG booth looking for SLIK (or what she calls – Gordon Haller’s slippery stuff)

  •  Race day is the ultimate highlight!  Getting to cheer on the athletes we had met all week was amazing!
    Of course, watching the winners cross the finish line was incredible!

The true highlight was watching the age group athletes who had overcome big obstacles cross the finish line (makes us realize we are really wimps!)


This father raced in honor of the daughter he lost in the Sandy Hook school shooting.








The crowd went crazy as Karen crossed the finish line with the help of Mike Reily several seconds after the 17 hour deadline.  Karen lost her leg when a car ran over her while training for an Ironman and was determined to race again.  She is our inspiration!




What about you?  Share your highlights with us!