Bike Bentonville and SRTS

Bike Bentonville’s mission statement is to “provide leadership and technical resources for community-driven health and fitness initiatives”,  according to their website

One of the more recent initiatives Bike Bentonville has taken, is the Safe Rout to School or SRTS. According to the Bike Bentonville website, under the SRTS tab, this initiative is based on efforts by local, state and national government, parents, and schools to create safe ways for students to walk or bike to school. The SRTS program creates this safe environment by building bike paths and sidewalks, lobbying local governments to reduce speeds in school zones and neighborhoods, and educate the community on distracted driving, as well as bike safety. Bike Bentonville has also teamed up with the Bentonville school district and, through the new program “I Bike Bentonville”, 540 bikes have been given to the school district. According to Nimrod News, each school in the district received 30 bikes and 30 helmets. The school district choose 500 students to represent the student body, by participating in the bike program. This program, in connection with the SRTS, will help students to get moving and create a healthier Bentonville.



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Alan Ley, Bike Bentonville’s Director of Outreach and Advocacy, is an inspiration to the children and parents of the Northwest Arkansas community. The USAT coach was a former 3 time Olympic Games participant, 6 time qualifier and participant of Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI, and an Army Special Forces, Airborne Green Beret. He has a vast amount of experience, and a myriad of high level certifications to his name, including, a Level 2 International Triathlon Union (ITU) Coach certification, a Level 4 Facilitator (Training the Trainers) certification, both by the International Olympic Committee, the USOC Olympic Coaching College certification, and the USA Triathlon Level III Elite Coaching certification. Alan’s achievements and level of expertise in this field show the children and parents in the NorthWest Arkansas community how dedicating yourself to something can lead to amazing things. We want to send a big Thank You to Alan, and the Bike Bentonville Team.

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