5 Early Season Training Tips

  • Find a motivated and positive group to train with. In some areas the weather can be less than ideal. Therefore, it is really important to train with a group that has a positive outlook on the conditions they are given.
  • Don’t obsess over weight. It is okay to be a little heavier before racing begins. If you train a few pounds over race weight then you will fly when you are at weight in race season.
  • Remember training is only practice. Do not freak out if you have a bad session every once in a while.
  • Recover. Remember to foam roll, stretch, use recovery boots etc. as much as possible. Even if you are not sore it is so important to routinely take care of your body to prevent any future injury.
  • Make a plan. Do not just begin the season with the mindset of choosing races as the years goes on. Make a race schedule with 2-3 races that you want to peak for.

-Lauren Goss

Professional Triathlete