Giving To The Next Generation of Triathletes and Runners

Giving is our theme for this month.  Triathletes and runners are, without a doubt, some of the most giving people you’ll meet.  Is it because that’s their nature or is it because they know they are blessed with health and ability to do what they do and seek out ways to bless others.

We found just 2 wonderful examples of triathletes who seek to give the next generation health and fitness.

  •  Teaching Strength and Balance

bexforblog Mom, wife,Triathlete, endurance athlete, yoga instructor extraordinaire,  volunteer…. ‘becca is so     many great things.  The best thing about ‘becca is that she is a giver! One of the ways she gives her time is teaching kids about being fit; mind, body, and soul!

‘becca teaches the kids class at GPP gym. The kids class takes the adults class and modifies it for kids.  What makes these work-outs great for kids?  Strength and balance.

She challenges and encourages the kids in every work-out.  After every work-out, ‘becca sits with the kids and they talk about how they are working on the 6 pillars of overall fitness: physically, mentally, spiritually, fiscally, socially, and emotionally.  Lucky kids!

  • gppkids
  • Giving Kids So Much More than A Race Medal

We hope these 2 examples encourage you to find a way to give back to the next generation in 2014!

We want to hear from you!  What are ways we can give back to the next generation?

One thought on “Giving To The Next Generation of Triathletes and Runners

  1. bex says:

    Wow, Thank you. Watching the GPPkids grow in ALL ways makes my heart beam. Knowing GPP is making a difference in their young lives & that I have a tiny part in serving them…no words…just gratitude. If you, the reader, find yourself in Rogers, AR please come visit and bring your kids! First class is on the house. I would so love to meet them and “play” for 45 minutes.
    SKKINSTRONG thank you for your commitment to the next generation.
    Happy New Year,

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