International Pillow Fight Day…. a core workout?


Tomorrow people from around the world are grabbing their pillows and heading out the door to celebrate International Pillow Fight day. Some of these ” Pillow Parties” are in the form of a flash mob, and some “Pillow Parties” are in the form of a scheduled fun day for kids.


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The team at Skin Strong was particularly excited about this! We did some research to find out exactly how we could commemorate this special day, and get a good work out in as well.

According to, celebrity trainer and former strength and conditioning coach for the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jay Cardiello, has created an entire “travel” workout using only hotel pillows as props. According to the article, the pillows provide instability, which is good for inner core strengthening. Having a strong core is very important to maintaining physical health. Strengthening your core can help flatten your abs, as well as prevent lower back injures by supporting the spine. Core training will not only help you look the way you want, but it also helps to build physical stability as well.  Jay Cardiello’s work out is effective, and uses a readily available household item. With your own pillow you can develop a strong core! The article also brings up a great point for why pillows are particularly beneficial… Post workout naptime!!!

With International Pillow Fight Day rapidly approaching, we encourage everyone to get out, grab a pillow, and get to work! You will have a strong core, feel great, and have a ton of fun doing it! (not to mention the spontaneous pillow fight that might occur afterward!)


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P.S. Don’t for to get SLIK’ed, SLATHER’ed, DUST’ed, and SCREEN’ed!!


Check out to find out where a Pillow Party is near you!

If you want to know more information about Jay Cardiello’s core work out check out Espn.go .