Seize the Day, Run an Ultramarathon

Most people would never dream of running 50 miles unless being chased by a pack of rabid wolves.


Gus Lloyd is not like most people, he is an ultrarunner.  Gus is the host of the morning radio show Seize the Day on Sirius XM’s The Catholic Channel.  What motivated Gus to join the growing group of ultrarunners?  We interviewed Gus to find out.


Gus pictured on right


What motivated you to get into ultra running?

A lot of things, really. I’ve been part of the same running group for over 10 years. After doing lots of marathons and half marathons, a few of us gravitated towards trail running. If you love the outdoors, nothing beats trail running. I always feel close to God when I’m out in nature. Plus, trail running is generally easier on the body. I’ve had back problems most of my life, and not pounding pavement held great allure for me.

Were there any obstacles that you had to overcome during training?

Actually, I’ve broken or sprained my ankles five times in the last eight years. So frustrating! For three straight years I blew out an ankle two weeks before a race that I had trained really hard for. So my biggest obstacle has been having to start over again and again.

What were the highlights of race day?

The whole day of my 50-miler was a highlight! I got to run with two of my best friends, both experienced ultra runners. They really helped me with my nutrition and hydration. We started with a 5 mile starter loop, then did three – fifteen mile loops. Before the race I was really nervous about starting that last lap. I thought I would be struggling. But when the time came, I was bouncing around and excited to get out there and finish this thing off!

Best advice for someone thinking about running an ultra marathon

Do it! Especially if you’ve done some of the bigger road marathons, I think you’ll find the solitude of the trails very beneficial for your interior life. If possible, hook up with a group of experienced ultra runners. They’re all super nice people, and very helpful and supportive.

What’s your next big goal?

I think I’d like to do a 100k next. I doubt that I’ll ever try to tackle the 100 mile distance, but now that I’ve done a 50-miler, 100k (62 miles) seems very doable. My overriding goals are to stay fit, have fun and enjoy the camaraderie of running into my old age!

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If you plan on trying an ultramarathon, don’t forget your SKIN EQUIPMENT!