Ironman Kansas 70.3 – Tips you need!

These tips and course information come straight from athletes who have raced the IMKS 70.3.  If you are racing IMKS or are spectating, these will come in very handy!

(And, of course, don’t forget to come by and see us at the expo!)


Venue tips:

  • Consider camping at the campground where the race is being held.  There are two great reasons for this:
    • “Camping with teammates is a highlight of this race.”
    • Not having the added hassle of fighting the traffic and parking makes race day morning a lot easier.
  • “If you are staying in town give plenty- and I mean plenty of time -to get to the race that morning. I’ve done this race every year and the traffic backs up early. I think last year we left the hotel in Lawrence at 5:00 am and still sat in traffic.”
  • Spectators should also plan to arrive early to get good parking.  If you arrive later, you will have a long walk!
  • There were no refreshments for spectators, so be sure to take an ice chest”
  • If you are taking young spectators, take along some outdoor games.
  • For pre-race and post race meals: “There are some great restaurants downtown, but make reservations if possible.”

Set- Up & Transition tips

  • “There are two transitions. T1 is at the bottom of a huge hill, T2 is at the top. Make sure you set your T2 up first (bike to run-top of the hill) and finish up there completely before heading down to T1 (swim to bike-bottom of the hill). Don’t want to have to go back and forth on race morning, it’s a long haul.
  • “You HAVE to setup your bike on Saturday. You could leave your T1 gear but you don’t have to. We had bad storms Saturday night last year, so if you decide to leave gear, probably a good idea to make sure it’s all waterproofed.
  • “Go light on the bottles and just trade out when you get to the aid stations. Take a bottle you don’t mind tossing. When you come to the first aid station, you throw it away in the trash zone and then grab a water or energy drink from a volunteer. You don’t have to stop. Just slow down enough to get a hand-off.”
  • “I would also highly recommend you put your swim gear in the bag they give you so that they will transport it up near T2. If you don’t you will have to walk back down to T1 to get it.”
  • Back up goggles are a good idea!”

The Swim

  •  “Last year the winds made the water pretty tough. Prior to the start we saw boat traffic which we believe further contributed to the rough water. For those competing be aware this will be a deep water start. You will go, line up, and tread for three minutes before the start.

The Bike