5 Creative Gift Ideas for the Triathlete, Runner, &/or Cycling Dad

We asked athletes to send us their most creative gift ideas for the triathlete, runner, &/or cyclist for Father’s Day.   Here are the top 5 most creative gift ideas

5) Pay Dad’s entry fee for a race

Does the athlete Dad in your life have a dream race? How about a race that he loved enough to race again?  Still drawing a blank? Check out the top 100 triathlons on earth from Triathlete Magazine.

Idea sent from Spencer Cope – @TipsforIM

4) Load Dad up with the essentials

What Dad would like new socks, their favorite nutrition, extra goggles, new water bottles, and of course skin equipment.

Idea sent from Emily from wholeironwoman.com

3) Recovery tool

We’re not talking AA – we’re talking athlete recovery. We had two great suggestions for this:

  • A hammock – wrap it up and label it “recovery tool”

Idea sent from our Facebook friend Doug Adams

  • Recovery Pump – For the ultimate Father’s Day recovery tool

2) A race photo of Dad and his family in this cool frame made of recycled bike chain

Idea sent from Claire Ramsey – our South African athlete friend

1) Podium finish for Best Dad

This was the most creative idea we’ve ever had.

“The wife and kids could build a little podium in the backyard and invite me to stand atop, victorious, as a gold medal (chocolate covered in gold foil) is placed around my neck as the Best Dad. I then receive a bouquet of micro brew beers. Finally, they can all spray me down with squirt guns full of fruit punch.”

Idea sent from James Reeves – Check out his blog

Do you have any ideas to share? We want to hear from you!

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