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Having raced 19 Ironmans and numerous sprint, Olympic distance, and half Ironman events I have witnessed a full spectrum of emotions, attitudes, and performances by athletes of all abilities and ages.  From the first timers to the seasoned professionals I have seen incredible feats of athleticism and perseverance.  What inspires and motivates us to complete rigorous hours of training while investing a significant amount of time, energy, and financial resources into our sport?  When training goes smoothly and our races unfold as we planned it can be easy to take for granted the opportunities we are given and the gift of good health.

Triathlon provides a unique athletic experience in which we challenge ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.  As a Catholic Christian, my faith plays a huge part in what I do while swimming, biking, running, and life beyond sport.  The hours of training often provide excellent opportunity for prayer and reflection.  Additionally, in the midst of pain and suffering during a race or key training session I am able to persevere with eyes of faith knowing I will not be given more than I can handle.  This does not mean I simply kick back, go with the flow and have kumbayah moments with fellow competitors.  I do not compromise my competitiveness or desire to be my best while upholding my Christian values.  I am responsible for being disciplined with my training, developing a nutrition plan and providing time for rest and recovery.  While I use specific products and tactics to get me to the finish line, I am ultimately fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Safe Training,



You can find out more information about using the power of faith and the Holy Spirit while training at www.Bradseng.com

or check out this book by Lincoln Murdoch, See You At the Finish Line:


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  1. Don & Michele Byrd says:

    Love the following from Brad Seng: “I do not compromise my competitiveness or desire to be my best while upholding my Christian values.” – God has deposited greatness on the inside of each of us.

    Great meeting you and John tonight!

    Your friends in prayer,

    Don & Michele

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