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Tips from Triathlon Legend

Sometimes in life you are fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.  Our small little area of Northwest Arkansas has some outstanding talent in the triathlon and running world.  One of those very talented athlete and coach is Alan Ley. Never heard of Alan? Check out this link.  Alan’s passion for […]

Location, Location, Location

It seldom gets below freezing temperatures in the majority of South Africa, and I was based in Durban and Pietermaritzburg on the North East coast for the vast majority of my time during training. With South Africa fighting in the rat race to become a first world country, the performance training facilities were spread out across […]

Tri This Blog!

Tri this blog for some great inspiration (since most of the visitors to our blogs are triathletes and runners, there won’t be anyone thinking we have forgotten how to spell)  Considering this info from USAT, Trifatherhood has a large audience to speak to! Since the late 1990’s,  the greatest growth has occurred in the […]

3 Reasons Why YOU Need Sun SCREEN in Winter

You sill need to wear Sun SCREEN in the winter.   Here are 3 reasons why;   1. The Sun is just as dangerous in the winter; according to, UVB rays are less intense in winter, however equally damaging (and possibly more dangerous) UVA rays are just as strong as during the summer months. […]

5 Winter Training Tips

Winter is a great time to reflect on your abilities and past performances.  It is also a great time to find weaknesses and try to eliminate them. This will help you have the best 2013 season! What if my weakness is SWIMMING? Work on your technique. If your technique improves and you become more efficient, you […]

Good Reads for the New Year

2 good books that will inspire you to make 2013 the year you accomplish that big goal: One Letter at a Time After reading this book, it will be tough to whine about your tough workouts (or anything else).  Rick’s positive attitude is contagious and his life is beyond inspiring! As the Crow Flies The […]