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OKC Marathon Honors Boston Bombings

  The Boston Marathon bombings shocked the world on Monday. The bombings injured many, and sadly killed several people. The team at Skin Strong sends out our thoughts and prayers to those affected by the tragedy. Officials and participants from the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon have decided to honor the Boston bombing victims at this […]

Seize the Day, Run an Ultramarathon

Most people would never dream of running 50 miles unless being chased by a pack of rabid wolves.   Gus Lloyd is not like most people, he is an ultrarunner.  Gus is the host of the morning radio show Seize the Day on Sirius XM’s The Catholic Channel.  What motivated Gus to join the growing […]

International Pillow Fight Day…. a core workout?

  Tomorrow people from around the world are grabbing their pillows and heading out the door to celebrate International Pillow Fight day. Some of these ” Pillow Parties” are in the form of a flash mob, and some “Pillow Parties” are in the form of a scheduled fun day for kids.    (Courtesy of […]

Bike Bentonville and SRTS

Bike Bentonville’s mission statement is to “provide leadership and technical resources for community-driven health and fitness initiatives”,  according to their website One of the more recent initiatives Bike Bentonville has taken, is the Safe Rout to School or SRTS. According to the Bike Bentonville website, under the SRTS tab, this initiative is based on […]