5 thoughts on “Give Mom the Ultimate Mother’s Day

  1. Leah Burns says:

    I have an amazing mother!!! I’m racing Ironman Louisville this year, and at the end of March I broke my elbow pretty badly on a training ride. my mom Audrey took excellent care of me during my 4 nite hospital stay and for the two weeks I was home from work after my crash. she got me up out of the bed and back on my feet and encouraged me to get moving again! thanks to her I didn’t sit around the house feeling sorry for myself, she knew it was only a temporary setback and helped me to stay positive. she did a better job than any nurse could!! I’d love to be able to win the passes for her in appreciation of the care she’s given me recently, and I know she’d love to see her baby girl cross the line with a healed up elbow! this could be the most amazing mother’s day gift ever!

    • skin4106 says:

      Leah, you have a great Mom! We wish you continued healing and your Mom the best of luck!

  2. Chris Fischer says:

    I would like to nominate my Mother Cynthia Fischer, she is hands down the strongest woman I know. I am currently a HS lacrosse Coach, college student, Athlete, and now training for an IRONMAN. My mother will work 10-12 hour days and still find a way to see everyone of mine and my brothers sporting events/ graduations/ and what ever seems to be important to us being our teams and our biggest supporter no matter how good we were. Cynthia had knee and back surgery 6 years ago and since then has not been able to run (which was a passion of hers) or she would be training right along side me. My mother used to run marathons when she was in the military, and by the time I have come of age to do an event of this stature I will not be able to cross the finish line with her. So help my mother get as close to playing on the field as possible where she belongs as opposed to sitting in the stands. 🙂

    • skin4106 says:

      Thank you, Chris, for your submission. It is a true testament to your mother that you want her to be a part of your Ironman training and racing! We wish her luck!

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