And the winner is….

We are so grateful to the panel of Mom’s who had the very tough job of picking the winner from a huge stack of inspiring amazing Moms!

Congratulations Patricia Beazer!


Patricia is my wife and the amazing mother of our 5 children she is turning 41 this month. 5 years ago she decided that she did not want our children to fight the same battle with obesity that her and I both battle. In the past three years ahem has worked hard everyday to change everything that our family and children eat and these changes have included her losing over 120 lbs.








In addition to the weight loss she also prepared for and competed in Florida ironman in November 2012. She felt it was important for our children to see the race because they all shared a part in the preparation for ironman so we traveled with the entire family to watch their mother as she reaches the goal that she involved everyone in preparing for. She also felt it was important that the entire family including herself volunteer at ironman and everyone got involved in various roles during the race. The list of amazing things she does as a stay at home mother is much longer than the above, she runs a free nutrition and running club for elementary age students, she started a cross country running program for a high school that did not have one for our daughter as she entered high school. She organizes a large kids marathon as a volunteer to promote walking and running for families and children of all ages. The Cardston Kids Marathon is just going into its fifth year and it is run by her with no monetary benefit, just the benefit of over 1500 in a town of 3000 participating in a healthy living event. She also works as a mentor with local schools for teenagers to work towards a healthy lifestyle including food and exercise.

I could go on, but my children are the luckiest kids in the world to have a mother who spends her time to take car of everything at home, acting as PTA chair, doing laundry, teaching the kids to manage health, money, fitness and school. It seems to me that this prize would be the icing on the cake for her, she would enjoy nothing more than another ironman experience. We worked and save for a year to prepare for our last ironman trip and she believes it might be her only ironman experience. I would love to see her get what she deserves. For the past 17 years she has worked at her full time/ overtime / every minute job of Mother. Her kids call her IRONMOM.










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5 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. Stacey says:

    HIP HIP HOORAY! We must celebrate.
    Well done TEAM BEAZER!
    So grateful for your influence.
    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Julie says:

    Congrats Trish–you are a fantastic example to your children and all of us! You are an Ironmom!!!

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