Buying Local or Online?

Shopping online is a tempting way to purchase those necessary items. You can peruse the largest selection, find exactly what you want, and often find it for a very reasonable price. With all of the “bargains” or “deals” available out there, it’s difficult to put the computer away, but is it really such a good deal?
Buying local, although sometimes less convenient than online shopping, is very important. Mike Rush, from Rush Running in Bentonville Arkansas, explains why:


There are several reasons for shopping at local businesses. Some of the following may grab your attention are as follows:
-Local stores require comparatively little infrastructure and make more efficient use of public services relative to the internet, big box stores and strip shopping malls. 
-Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally and tend to provide better wages and benefits than chains or the internet do.
-Your dollars spent in locally-owned businesses have three times the impact  on your community as dollars spent at national chains and internet. When shopping locally, you simultaneously create jobs, fund more city services through sales tax, invest in neighborhood improvement and promote community development.
-Local ownership means that important decisions are made locally by people who live in the community and who will feel the impacts of those decisions.
Not only are the above reasons great reasons to spend your money in locally owned, independent specialty stores like Rush Running Company, but the owners, Mike and Alison Rush, have been running in Northwest Arkansas for decades. They’re more devoted to the community because they’re a part of the community. They truly care more about getting people into the sport that they love than the amount of money they take home each day. As wild as that sounds, it’s absolutely true. As soon as you walk through the door and experience the world class customer service that the Rush family and their employees provide, you will be impressed.

Keep a Runnin

Mike Rush

Rush Running Company