Eating Crow On My New Eliptigo


Almost two years ago after completing my 4th Ironman, my wife and I met the great folks at Eliptigo at Interbike in Vegas. My wife sought them out after her ART dr recommended it to her during a visit for a knee injury and was a big fan, and wanted one immediately…

I scoffed… “Why would I want to ride one of them? Sure they are sort of cool, but if I am going to do anything on wheels, I plan on sitting on a saddle. An Eliptigo was not for me.” I also said, “This is a fad, it will pass, I don’t  think it will take root.” I was wrong… BIG TIME! I recently turned 46 and if I want to continue in the sport of triathlon I have to find an alternative to running 35-40 miles a week. The knees and hips can’t take it, but I am not prepared to be put out to pasture just yet! That reality set in over the last 12 months, and the idea of getting “run time” in on an Eliptigo started to make a lot of sense.

So I recently bought 2 Eliptigos, one for me and one for my lovely wife. (By the way, she has shown a lot of class not rubbing my nose in my 180′ change of mind.) Eliptigo is a lot tougher work out than it looks, don’t be fooled. It is a serious cardio workout and works the upper body when running doesn’t. I have equipped it with serious lights and am able to hit the road before the sun comes up, which is no different than the old run only schedule.


Eliptigo is not a fad, it is the read deal. My Orthopedic Doctor owns one… he is in his mid 30’s. Also, a friend and former 2:40 hr marathon runner owns one, he is doing a 100 mile race on his this weekend. My Eliptigo has extended my triathlon and running life, and that is a big deal for me. I am a big fan! The folks at Eliptigo are terrific, check them out online @



P.S. Anyone reading this in NW Arkansas is welcome to come and take mine out for a spin…

To My Wife… Sorry you were right!

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