Good Reads for the New Year

2 good books that will inspire you to make 2013 the year you accomplish that big goal:

  • One Letter at a Time

After reading this book, it will be tough to whine about your tough workouts (or anything else).  Rick’s positive attitude is contagious and his life is beyond inspiring!

  • As the Crow Flies

The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” definitely applies to this book.  The amazing photography captures the life of a pro triathlete in a way words fall short.  Craig Alexander’s love for his family and triathlon is so evident throughout the book which we love!

It has become our coffee table book and we often find our kids sitting with it. Thank you Craig for encouraging future athletes and inspiring athletes of all ages!




Have any good reads to share with us?

2 thoughts on “Good Reads for the New Year

  1. Mark Jimenez says:

    I got Craig Alexander’s book and it is just fantastic. What an inspirational person. He knows the audience and delivers an honest and informative narrative of his training, his mindset and his family as they relate to his remarkable achievements, such as the Kona course record.

    If you are an athelete, especially an aspiring triathlete, you should get this book.

    I kicked but on an Olympic last year and I’m training for the Lake Steven’s 70.3 IRONMAN this summer. I reference Craig’s book regularly for learning, motivation and just enjoyment. Great pictures and comments.

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