Tri This Blog!

Tri this blog for some great inspiration (since most of the visitors to our blogs are triathletes and runners, there won’t be anyone thinking we have forgotten how to spell) 

Considering this info from USAT, Trifatherhood has a large audience to speak to!

Since the late 1990’s,  the greatest growth has occurred in the 35-39 and 40-44 age groups. We believe that this growth will continue as those in these age groups are looking for new outlets of participation and fitness.

Chad Nikazy, the author of the blog, has a great tagline: The gentle art of balancing marriage, parenting, and triathlon.


Many of you know that we have 5 children, 4 still at home,  and a 3 week old granddaughter so this blog speaks to us in many ways!

One great take away is that Chad’s oldest daughter Izzy also does triathlons.  All our children do triathlons as well.  The great take away is that neither Chad nor my husband and I ever made our children do triathlons – they have wanted to do triathlons!   Being in active families and race environments is a great motivator providing everything is in the right balance!  Chad has great insight on maintaining that balance!

Happy reading friends!

Do you have a favorite blog that motivates you?  Share it with us!