Valentines Day Gift Ideas!

If you have an athlete or triathlete in your family, we have several gift ideas that are sure to win you points this Valentines Day.


Work out music! Who does not LOVE getting into stride with that favorite tune? Get your special someone a new playlist from Run They pick the most popular workout songs and send them to you each month… FREE!




Who Needs a Flower Bouquet, Get a Running Sock Bouquet! Let’s face it, everyone should change their socks out more often than they do. Show your significant other that you care…about their feet! While your at it, include some Slather Singles, or Dust! It’ll knock their socks off!!!




Something Funny? Everyone has a jokester in their life… its time for a little payback! Pick out a race picture and have it printed on a mug, lunch box, or get adventurous with a calendar…. Look who’s laughing now…




A Gift to Give and Enjoy. Give your special someone a running tour, from City Running What a great way to enjoy a favorite city and eachother!





Carry Your Achievements With You!   Mile 22 Bags will take your old rage bibs and create your own, one of a king, bag! What a special way to remember those hard earned achievements!






– Something for everyone to enjoy and appreciate!



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