Ironman Underpants Run Launches New Career

Before Kevin Brooks’  first Ironman in Louisville Kentucky, he started the Louisville Underpants Run to help calm his nerves.  The Run was so successful that he continued it four years in a row. Every year Kevin chose a different charity to donate the proceeds from The Underpants Run to. In 2010, an idea for Kevin’s new career was born when an opportunity through the Underpants Run encouraged his desire to give to charity.

“in 2010 I was a little disappointed in our donations raised for the Blazeman Foundation for ALS. I spoke with Bob and Mary Ann Blais, the parents of Jon “Blazeman” Blais, and told them that I would like to donate a custom painted helmet to their foundation. They loved the idea, and another over ambitious idea was born!

The Blazeman helmet was the first aero bike helmet I had ever done. But I think it remains my favorite . And not just because it was autographed by 4 time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington . It’s because this helmet is the one that launched my new business in March of 2012, Brooks Airbrush Studio.”


Kevin Brooks
Brooks Airbrush Studio

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