PR With Your Family! 5 Tips for Triathletes

by skin4106 on June 27, 2014

Triathlon season is in full swing!  Most of you feel like this:

Picture from Nautica Malibu Triathlon

Is your family as excited about triathlon season as you are?  It is possible to have a happy spouse and family at the end of triathlon season this year!  Lincoln Murdoch agrees!  Not only has Lincoln been an accomplished triathlete for 20 years, but he has also been happily married for 37 years!

My wife Jen and I could not be more different in almost every area of life. She has a huge interest and involvement in houses, home decorating, etc. and is very good at it. She never works out. I’m a workout freak and race as much as I can cause I love to. She supports me and I support her. We find those things we DO like to do together and make sure we do them – movies, watching or attending sports/games especially college sports, traveling together, dogs, etc.
It’s not easy and it takes intentionality! But, it’s worked for us now 37 yrs. We’re each other’s biggest fans in what we do apart.


Lincoln offers these 5 tips for happy family after triathlon season:

1. Think about your death-bed. As you lay there are your kids or your spouse or your former spouse going to say, “I just want to really thank you for all those morning workouts and for getting that PR in that one race. That matters so much to me right now. Thanks for making my life secondary so you could achieve that.” Anyone want to have that discussion? I think not…

2. Do you think more about your next workout or your next date with your spouse? Many couples drift apart because they quit doing the very things together that they did which caused them to fall in love in the first place. Quit doing those things…and the “drift factor” will kick in.

3. Keep your spouse’s needs and desires first and if they need you for something, skip that workout! A few skipped workouts every now and then don’t matter a bit. What does matter is the person that is supposed to be the most important person on the planet to you.

4. Beware if you’d rather hang with your tri friends than with your family. Beware of any kind of temptation towards someone of the opposite sex who does triathlons especially if your spouse doesn’t. (Mine doesn’t but supports me in it because she knows SHE is the priority, not triathlon.

5. “Monitor” your spouse’s attitudes towards your involvement in the sport. Are they positive? Neutral? Getting a little negative? Outright opposed? React to those accordingly and you can keep your marriage strong. Ignore them and things could start to unravel.

Share your thoughts below!

2009 World Championships - Gold Coast, Australia 2009,


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Sharing #STRONG2014 with Others

by skin4106 on May 14, 2014

It is so easy to be self-centered when working towards a goal of a race or fitness goal!  The people who achieve their goals while doing so much for others are the true winners.  We can learn a lot from this #STRONG2014 athlete!


#STRONG2014 goals:
-run 1000 miles this year. After deciding that, I modified it to include running 262 miles before the Boston Marathon as my pledge to the Boston Marathon World Run. I started a few days into February and ran my last 3 miles at the BAA 5k on the Saturday prior to the marathon. Last few weeks were tough trying to fit in all the miles I needed – but, with the help of great running buddies, I got them done! It was amazing being part of the marathon weekend! With that, I’m on track to hit 1000 for the year – the challenge will be to keep it going through the warm summer months!

-train for Zane Gray 50 miler next April. I have been out on the trails more this year and have two 50ks on the calendar – one this weekend in Vegas and then one at Bryce Canyon in June … we are getting there! :)

-help others finish their first event. On March 1st we had 20 kids & 4 adults finish the Phoenix Marathon 10k. In addition, 5 kids and 6 adults finished the 1/2 marathon. I loved being there on the 1/2 marathon course encouraging the runners and helping them reach their goals. Up next … our training group will start training for the Tucson marathon & 1/2 marathon.

Share your thoughts with us! 




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