Winter Riding: The Essentials

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Guest post from professional triathlete Brad Seng

As the winter months harbor in the colder temps it can present some challenges for logging those base miles outdoors.  Whether you are wintering in sunny Florida or in the Pacific Northwest you are likely going to need appropriate clothing for the winter months.  If you are fortunate enough to live in a mild climate it is a simple matter of layering and protecting those extremities.  For others it requires more cold weather gear and a hearty soul!  Here is my go-to list of things to make those winter rides more pleasant:

  • SkinStrong Slather
  • Skull cap or face mask
  • Lobster gloves or standard gloves
  • Thermal/fleece tights
  • Leg warmers
  • Arm warmers
  • Gortex socks
  • Booties/shoe covers
  • Thermal wind jacket

Again, layering is the key to keeping the body warm.  Use your finisher’s technical tee as the base layer and then add more layers as necessary.  A great trick to keep the feet warm is wrapping them in some plastic grocery bags on the really cold and windy days.  Additionally you can add a hand warmer between your cycling shoe and the shoe cover.  I have used this trick at early and late season races when using toe covers as a way to provide some extra warmth.  With the appropriate gear and positive attitude it can be quite refreshing to roll outdoors on a brisk February day!

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