Running and Triathlon accomplishments? Show off the bling!

It’s off season for most of us right now.  Why not get creative and get motivated at the same time!

Pull out all your race bibs and medals from last season (and the many seasons before that).  Are they stashed away in boxes or drawers?  Time to pull them out and proudly display (next to your treadmill and trainer for the next few months)

 Some fun display ideas:

Anyone still have their Christmas tree up?

courtesy of

For all you DIY kind of people:

Have race pictures too?  (courtesy of


medal magnet (courtesy of

 bib coasters (courtesy of

For those who don’t do DIY: 

Have medals from races you want to forget? Donate them!

Medals4Mettle (M4M) is a non-profit organization that facilitates the gifting of marathon, half marathon, and triathlon finishers’ medals. Runners from around the world give their hard earned medals to Medals4Mettle. Our worldwide network of physicians and volunteers then awards these medals attached to a Medals4Mettle ribbon to children and adults fighting debilitating illnesses who might not be able to run a race, but are in a race of their own just to continue to live their life. It is in honor of this mettle and courage in bravely facing these challenges that they are awarded a medal.

Are your medals and/or  race bibs displayed? We want to see!  

Post a picture and tell us about it!

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