3 Tips to end your loathe affair with swimming!

Anyone that knows me, knows that when it comes to swimming it is something that I have to get through to get to the bike and run in a triathlon.  Feel the same?

I’ve decided that 2012 is the year I will learn to love swimming (or at least dislike it less) and found some great tips to help with that goal!

1) Get a Swim Analysis!

I asked Coach Chip (USAT certified coach with T3 Training Systems) how a swim analysis could help.

Whether you are a first time swimmer or a seasoned masters, T3 Training Systems Underwater Swim Analysis can make big improvements in a short time!  What normally takes weeks and months of working on stroke to improve performance can happen within an hour. 

T3 Training Systems analysis, using underwater camera’s and swim video software, captures the swimmer in slow motion and freeze frame that the human eyes are incapable of seeing or analyzing.  Swimming motions (correct or incorrect) happen in split second intervals and it takes video capture to spot small or big corrections that need to be worked on by the swimmer.  We capture multiple vantage points for detailed analysis including  above water, under water, side angles, underneath the swimmer, forward and any angle necessary to help the swimmer.

The best part of real time swim video analysis by T3 Training Systems is that the swimmer can see the analysis while still in the pool, right in front of the endless pool on a big screen monitor.  Corrections can be made by the swimmer and filmed again to see if the corrections were actually made!  By using a method of recording the swimmer, replaying it to the swimmer and reviewing, then reinforcing it by putting them back in the water  to make corrections and then filming again, big changes very quickly.  We repeat this process until stroke is perfected.  The strength of the swimmer actually seeing themselves on video and trying to make corrections at that very moment solidifies the improvements they are making in their technique.

Ok, I can see how fixing your swim stroke can help with making swimming more enjoyable.  Better stroke=efficiency=less time in the water…

2) Find a swim buddy

Training is always more fun with a friend and the accountability will keep you honest! Having trouble finding the right swim buddy for you?  Here is a great site to help find the perfect training partner in your area www.mysportspartner.com.

Better yet, join your local triathlon club!  Most triathlon clubs will have either group swims or athletes that are willing to start one! Need help finding a triathlon club in your area?

3) Hypnosis

Before you think I have lost my mind, hypnosis among even elite athletes is becoming common.  I recently learned that a friend of mine used hypnosis to go from being afraid to swim to swimming and competing in a Ironman 70.3 in just months!  We are lucky to have a hypnotist in our area that treats many athletes of all levels.

There are resources available for those of you who may not have a hypnotist in your area.

Have a tip to share?  We would love to hear them!