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Fueled By Faith- Brad Seng

  Having raced 19 Ironmans and numerous sprint, Olympic distance, and half Ironman events I have witnessed a full spectrum of emotions, attitudes, and performances by athletes of all abilities and ages.  From the first timers to the seasoned professionals I have seen incredible feats of athleticism and perseverance.  What inspires and motivates us to […]

4 Workouts to Improve Your Run

Guest post from Professional Triathlete Brad Seng- He knows a thing or two about running!  Having chased a soccer ball around from grade school through college, running seems to come most naturally to me.  Ironically, I used to abhor running even while playing in college.  Whenever I would see someone out for a run I […]

Tips for Buying a Triathlon Bike

Guest post by Skin Strong sponsored professional triathlete Brad Seng You find yourself bitten by the triathlon bug and see your friends on some sweet looking bikes.  Yours truly rides a Valdora PHX2.  Crowie rides a Specialized.  Chrissie rides a Cannondale.  Rinny rides a Felt.  Skin Strong’s John “Big Man” Owen rides a Cannondale Slice […]

5 Ways Racing in Off-Season can Benefit Triathletes

Guest post from Skin Strong professional triathlete Angi Axmann Triathletes are lucky as far as training goes. We have so much variety in our sport. Every week involves hours of swimming, biking, running, but also strength training, maybe plyometrics, depending on the time of the year. Many successful triathletes incorporate running events into their season, […]