Time to say Thanks!

There are no doubt people who have made sacrifices during your training:

*Your spouse, family, and friends who have come along your side as you have trained,

*seen you a lot less than they would have liked,

*changed meal plans to suit your diet,

*washed sweaty, smelly clothes,

*gone home early from functions so you could get your sleep,

*& showed up on race day at the crack of dawn to cheer you on (sometimes for hours and hours)

It is time to say Thank You!

Here are just a few ideas:

A letter is always appreciated!

Why not be creative and take a letter to a whole new level:

*Poetry Generator – can help you put your words into a poem- can be funny or sweet

*Send us your letter in the comments section and we will do a blog post featuring your letter!  What a great way to say publicly how grateful you are! You just might inspire someone to thank their loved ones!

*Go all out an rent a billboard

*Send a singing telegram

*Use a dry erase marker and write it on the bathroom mirror

*Don’t write just one – write several notes and leave them in different places for them to find

Get creative with gifts:

Message Beans

Once watered, the bean will germinate in about seven days and when it opens up, your recipient will see a laser-edged message on the bean. It’s a great gift that keeps on growing.

Personalized M&M’s – Thank you and chocolate!

  • Always remember when you are giving the blow by blow of race day (written, on the phone, etc.) never forget to add how seeing your supporters at different times of the race helped you, how being there when you crossed the finish line meant so much, or how taking care of you after the race made the difference.  Hearing or seeing you show gratitude when sharing your race with others means a lot!

SLATHER them with love

After standing for hours at your races, your supporters’ feet need soothing and SLATHER is the perfect soothing cream – Ahhhh!

We want to hear from you!

  • Please share your ideas, share something you have done to show your gratitude!
  • Send us your letters
  • Send us your race day highlights that includes how your friends and family made the difference!