Favorite Races You Might Not Know

While traveling around to race expos this year, we have met some amazing people.  One of the things I like to ask: “What is your favorite race?”

Since the majority of the expos we have done this year are Ironman Triathlon expos, the answers have surprised me and will probably surprise you. You might expect to hear about some of the epic races like Kona, Boston Marathon, or Escape from Alkatraz.  While there were some of those answers from athletes, the majority of the answers turned out to be quirky races you have probably never heard of – until now.

The scenery and the fun atmosphere don’t get much better than this.

The Paddle & Portage canoe race has been around for 32 years.  The race begins at James Madison Park with a 1.5 mile paddle on Lake Mendota, followed by a 1 mile portage over the central isthmus, and a final 1.5 mile paddle across Lake Monona to finish at Olin-Turville Park.

Fun to have a race close to us that athletes not only raved about, it was also voted the #1 Xterra event last year!

Your turn: What is your favorite race?