Harley Dudes & Triathletes – A Parity?

This is what our area looked like this last week

This got me thinking…

Bikers and Triathletes are a lot alike.

How you ask?

  • Both like being a tough guy/gal – Let’s admit that there’s part of us that likes stepping out of our normal everyday attire and putting on gear that makes us look just a little intimidating.

  •  Both have bikes that cost more than some people’s cars.
  • The wave…

  • Cool Helmets

  • Accessories
  • Families – Biker and Triathlete communities become 2nd families.  They are there when one of their own needs help or needs someone to go on a long ride with. (they’ll still hug you when you’re hot and sweaty)
  •  Biker Babes- 🙂

While there are also many ways the two are different, there are also many more way they are also alike.

Have any you would like to share?