Interbike: Our Top 5 Finds

No doubt,  there were amazing bikes at Interbike this year!

Cool products that might have been missed in the sea of booths at Interbike this year – Our top 5 countdown

#5 Geigerrig Hydration Packs

*Sprays using pressure * Attachable filter great for filling while out on a ride  * Cleans in the dishwasher * Great find for mountain bike rides

 #4 Witz Sport Cases


* carry your phone, ID, money, etc on your bike or run and keep them dry!


* Lightweight plastic case


*Variety of sizes, styles, and colors




#3 Selle An-Atomica Saddles

John's new Selle An-Atomica saddle - Nice

* The slot is the most important part of the suspended leather design.

* It supports your weight and moves with you – each side able to move independently.

* Comes in many colors

* Looks as cool as it feels!




#2 Eliptigo

The Eliptigo is one product I was excited to try at Interbike!  For triathletes and runners who do high mileage, the Eliptigo is perfect to get the mileage in and give your legs a break from all the pounding.  I first heard about the Eliptigo from my ART doctor who recommended it for athletes with knee issues. I got a chance to take it for a spin at Interbike (hint – the #1 pick is also featured in the video – can you spot it?) All the benefits aside, it is a lot of fun to ride!

#1 Sweet Spot Skirts

While the number one pick may be a female specific item, we can all appreciate someone who recognizes a need and  creates the perfect product to fill that need!  We met Stephanie, the creator, and instantly knew where the inspiration for the spunky designs came from!

I nabbed one of the skirts (until I have a chance to build up my Sweet Spot wardrobe) and lost count of the number of people who stopped me to ask about the skirt as I walked around Interbike.

Look for Skin Strong and Sweet Spot Skirts to working together on some fun things in the future!


What do you think of our finds?



1 thoughts on “Interbike: Our Top 5 Finds

  1. David says:

    I have had my Geigerrig since last Winter and I have put this thing through the gauntlet and it has come out completely unscathed. I’m not sure what they make the padding out of that is in direct contact with my back but it still looks almost brand new (minus some mud) I used to replace my packs almost once a year because this area would fall apart from friction while running. My main problem I have while running is overheating I live in Montana and run year round with nothing but shorts and a T-shirt. I do fine during the winters but overheating during the summer is awful and the pressurized pack was honestly a cure all for this issue. It’s nice having the ability to spray myself while i’m running. The only problem I had then was using more water to spray than to hydrate and lucky for me they have a inline water filter so I can refill in any of the lakes or creeks with no issues. I will tell you there was a time I used this filter and I was hesitant. I was in kind of a swampy area (we just had some big floods this year) and I had to refill in stagnant water because I couldn’t even get near the flowing water. The water was muddy and mossy and I gave it a go anyways. The water that came out of the hose was clear and I did fin afterwards (i was still expecting Giardia to kick in). When I got back to camp and looked at my now waterless hydration bladder it had about of inch of mud and moss sitting on the bottom. I just took it home emptied the bladder flipped it inside out and through it in the Dish washer and never had any problems. To make a long story short this is the toughest more durable hydration pack I have used to date. And as a side note for anybody that love being on single track trails (biking, running or hiking) you will be happy to know that there is no mesh on the outside of this pack to get caught or snagged on branches.

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