Swimming – Why should I get a coach?

Why should you invest in swim coaching when there are great books and videos on swim technique?

  • Unless you have supernatural powers, it is impossible to see if you are actually doing the correct stroke technique. All the work you are doing in your swim workouts now may be reinforcing bad habits. A coach will be able to watch your stroke and help you make corrections.  Even minor corrections can help you swim more efficiently (in triathlon terms that means – more endurance and faster swim time).
  • Coaches today have the benefits of technology. My local tri coach has an endless pool with video cameras that video from several different angles. These videos are helpful in correcting bad form!

Not only am I am bad swimmer, I would rather have a root canal than put my face in the water! How could a swim coach help me?

  • Having a swim coach can help increase your comfort level in the water.  Are you thinking there is no way it would work for you?  Our friend Patricia Schaller thought the same thing.  She had encouragement from friends and got swim lessons from a local triathlon coach and progressed from sitting on the side of the pool for the first lesson to to swimming yesterday open water in her first triathlon.

Yesterday, Patty raced her first triathlon…. And placed 2nd in her age group



Today, This is the picture she shared with us.  Next race: Branson 70.3!






A swim coach would be a great idea but isn’t that something that only rich and famous people can afford?It depends on how you look at it.

If your funds are limited, and you have to choose between that new carbon fiber bike, or some good quality coaching and a training plan to bring up your weak points, you will get more return on your investment with good coaching and training every time.”

  • If you are a busy person and finding time to train is already a challenge, having a coach could make your training time more efficient.  Maybe there is something to the saying “time is money”.
  • Save money by finding a few friends who need help with their swimming technique and share the cost of coaching.
  • Enduranceworks posted this great article: Do you need a coach? How can you afford not to?

Have you had a great experience with swim coaching? Share it with us!