Ironman Boulder 70.3 – Race Day Tips for Athletes & Spectators

Professional triathlete, Brad Seng, knows the race course for the Ironman Boulder 70.3 well.  Boulder is where he lives and trains so, we asked him to share with you what you can expect on race

The Course:

  •  Swim–   The course is point-to-point which can seem long.  The first 500-800 meters will be swimming right into the sunrise which can make sighting a challenge.  It is typically a wetsuit legal swim
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  • Bike–  The bike course is one loop of rolling to flat terrain and can be fast.  The first 5 miles are a gradual uphill.  There are several long stretches where athletes can pick up some great speed.  The ride is filled with views of the Rocky Mountain foothills and farmland.
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  • Run-  The course is two loops over gently rolling terrain with a good portion on packed dirt roads.  There are two short hills within the first three miles of each loop. If there is no cloud cover it can really heat up on the run as there is no shade.   The course offers great views of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains and the best part-  athletes running by transition for the start of their second loop will be motivated by the cheers of spectators/family members.


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Important tip from Brad: Be prepared for hot, dry conditions- the lack of humidity is not something to overlook.  Hydration is key!

Spectator tips for race day:

The race course is several miles away from town.  A cooler with food and drinks would be very useful!  Once the athletes have started out on the bike would be a perfect time for kids to enjoy the play areas.  Once all the athletes are out of the water, the swim area and picnic areas would be a great place to pass the time as your racer is out on the bike and run loops.

Do you have any tips to share?



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