Inspired to Tri

What inspired Meghann and Lance Green to become triathletes?  Logan!

Lance, Meghann, and Logan Green

When Meghann was 26 weeks pregnant with Logan, she started experiencing chest pain and vomiting.  She was hospitalized and was told that her kidneys were failing and that she would have to immediately deliver her baby.  Logan weighed 15oz. when he was born and was given 25% chance to live if he survived 3 days.

Baby Logan

Logan was on a ventilator at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital the next two months. He underwent eye surgery and heart surgery, and he had rickets and a broken femur. It wasn’t until Logan was 5 weeks old that Meghann could hold him.

At 2 months, the doctors said Logan had extensive brain damage and they did not expect him to walk or talk or develop normally.

The stress and schedules of Logan’s treatment, working full-time jobs, and spending every free moment searching for treatments, left no time for Meghann and Lance to take care of their own heath. Logan had just been diagnosed with cerebral palsy when the Greens learned about how the Cleveland Triathlon benefited United Cerebral Palsy.  They made a decision to train and become triathletes!

Logan enjoyed being in the water when the couple did their swim training and always clapped when he was pushed in the stroller on the runs. Over the last 2 years Lance has lost 60lbs., Meghann has lost 45lbs., and they have gone from racing the short distance triathlon (Super Sprint (300-yard swim, 8 mile bike, 1.5 mile run) to the Olympic distance (1.5k Swim, 24m Bike, 10k Run) on Aug. 7th this year! This year, Meghann has put together a team of 21 people, called Team Logan, for the tri.

Cleveland Tri - 2010


Logan is now 4 and although he doesn't walk, Meghann says he crawls like a "mad man". He also loves to sing and say his ABC's.

Want to help Team Logan (how could you not after looking at that sweet face)?

What have you had to overcome to become an athlete?