Great finds from The Running Event for everyone on your Christmas list!


The annual Running Event is the place to be to see all the latest and greatest in products for runners!  As you would expect, there were the cool new shoes out for next year (watch out for Newton’s new styles/colors – they are hot!), compression gear, and apparel.

The incredible Brooks booth
I got a chance to look around for some great products you might not hear about.  I think I found something for everyone(dog) in the family!

  • Knuckle Lights – I was looking forward to seeing the Knuckle Lights in person after hearing much chatter about them on Twitter and Facebook lately.  I  was not disappointed when I saw them in person and can’t wait to try them out.  I think I will agree with a friend who said she felt like a superhero when she ran with them!

  • OllyDog – Dog owners will love the OllyDog line- great line of products for active people with active dogs!  One of my favorites is this water bottle with detachable dog bowl! Love the quote on the label “Share the water, not the slobber!” 

  •    Acuball -It’s heatable!  When you try it, you love it! 

  • Geo Palz – It’s more than a pedometer – it’s what would happen if you combined the webkinz concept and a pedometer!  My prediction is that this will be the next big thing for kids!
These are going into my kids stockings! Shhhh!





Are any of these on your list? How about someone you know? We won’t tell them…

1 thoughts on “Great finds from The Running Event for everyone on your Christmas list!

  1. Ty Koonce says:

    The Acuball is awesome! I use it for PF. My friend is a distributor in the Fayetteville mall for these. If you want one tell him Ty sent you and he will cut you a deal

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