The Company You Keep

Guest Post: Notes from a “newbie”

It’s been six months since my first triathlon and since then I’ve jumped head first into the sport.  11 endurance races later I’ve been witness to the power of a great multisport community.

I’m still new and I learn something every day.  For example this morning my swim workout said the following:

“6 x 100 pull leaving on the 2:30 (I don’t care if you have paddles on, but I

definitely want you to use a pull buoy to feel what it is like to have your hips lifted.”

First of all paddles?  Canoeing??  I know what a pull buoy is since the lady in the lane next to me had them placed between her legs so I thought that was easy.

I guess what I’m getting at and no matter if you are experienced with 30 races under your belt or you are curious about the sport it’s all about the company you keep.

Ask questions and surround yourself with positive people is truly the best way to experience triathlons or duathlons.   It makes training more enjoyable, it gives you someone to rely on for support, and most of all it’s great way to meet new people with your same interests.

I know this sounds so basic, but as I’ve shared my journey from wanting to, to now doing it’s overlooked in its’ simplicity. Remember when you were new to the sport and for example overwhelming was the swim?  You mean seriously I have to swim 1.2 miles for a half Ironman?  That’s a HUGE obstacle and turn a negative into a positive for those wanting to get into the sport.  Share how you did and be the role model to someone wanting to try a sprint race for example.

Help mentor, guide and enjoy sharing the journey with someone making the step to better fitness.  My goal for 2012 is to be an ambassador for the sport, motivate others by my actions and have a great time doing it.

Just my opinion but this sport is much more enjoyable with friendly, fun, excited people around you.

Gary Thomas

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