Letter to editor from a runner and cyclist…

(Letter sent to the editor of our local newspaper)

To the people who have shared the road with runners and cyclists and have even given encouraging waves – Thank you!  Sad to say –  you are a minority!  This letter is not for you.

I am writing to those who:

  • have refused to give a runner or cyclist a little room (even hitting us with your side mirrors!)
  • given us nasty looks
  • yelled things I will not repeat
  • forced me off the road because you were texting and didn’t see me
  • wouldn’t share the road even as you left the church parking lot on Sunday
There are a few things I would like to say and I believe I speak on behalf of runners and cyclists everywhere:
  • It does not take any extra effort or take any extra time to scoot over as you pass us on the road.
  • From the more “seasoned” runner to those who yell “use the sidewalk” as they pass, running on concrete is harder on our joints than on the road.
  • You should be encouraging and thanking us – our being healthy might just make your health insurance a little cheaper!
  • Maybe you should join us and get healthy too!
Thank you!