Challenge + Determination = 13.1

I hope this story inspires you, as it has me, to challenge yourself! Better yet, let someone else challenge you!

My sister-in-law, poor woman, has 3 brothers… all of them are Ironman athletes.  I say “poor woman”, because every family get together turns into comparing finishing times and the inevitable, out of control smack talk.  While she has played tennis and has been active her whole life, Bee was happy to toast a congratulatory beer to her brothers.  She never had the desire to run herself….. until…. they told her she couldn’t do it!

Determined to prove them wrong, Bee signed up for the Bath Half Marathon in Bath, England.  Every week she was running a little further – once saying to the oldest of the brothers “I ran 5 miles today and I didn’t die or throw up.”

Sunday, Bee ran the 13.1 miles with her youngest brother (pictured in the awesome orange suit) running with her!

She is already planning the next one!

I dare you get determined!

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2 thoughts on “Challenge + Determination = 13.1

  1. 'becca says:

    I love this story. Thank you for sharing. So inspiring! My brother & sister excelled in sports growing up, I wasn’t interested. Hummmmm, not excelling now, but certainly interested. 😉

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